17 January 2016

Where Colored Diamonds Come From

Where Colored Diamonds Come From

People are the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a diamond, with no detectable color net. This is definitely the perfect diamond summarizes such stone quality, but the fact is that very rare diamond. What many people do not realize is that almost every color of the rainbow is a diamond. Most of the people that they think sometimes colored diamonds; the diamonds could be worth more than the normal open.

Colored Diamonds

Colored diamonds are normally identical Atomic and structural open diamonds. Diamond color colored diamond some chemical impurities or structural defects in the crystal lattice structure. Diamond color tone, hue, and saturation determine the value. Some colors are quite common, and if you are, especially when the yellow diamond lives only valuable; other colors, such as red diamond is extremely rare and valuable.

Colored diamonds comes with a number of different colors. 27 there are colored diamonds are officially recognized. These are steel, Brown, white, blue, yellow, Orange, red, green, pink, purple and others have a different saturation. Scientists long ago discovered what caused colored diamonds and three different hedonistic.

I write a piece of their own color diamond crystal nitrogen gain. If you are a couple of these atoms then no effect (Type Iaa). These atoms are large even-numbered groups together If a yellow or brown color (Type IAB).98% of diamonds in the market of this type. Nitrogen is distributed through a time-intensive Crystal equal to rarely yellow Canary diamond (Type Ib) that creates love. These stones are very rare.

Type II colored diamonds does not obtain their color from nitrogen asshole stones. Type IIA is during crystal growth due to the colored diamonds crystal lattice plastic deformation. These deformations, pink, red or dark brown diamond (type I diamonds that are displayed by the more intense Brown). IIB diamond crystal blue diamond gets their color to the presence of boron, see all diversity. Blue Diamond boron concentration and how it will determine the hue and saturation.

The last group of well-understood, but unknown in other ways, their colors get that diamond. The best example is the green colored diamonds. These stones color is derived from exposure to radiation. Natural green diamonds are rare, but they are easily created the lab.

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