01 March 2016

Types of Square Looking Cut Diamond Rings

Types of Square Looking Cut Diamond Rings

Square diamond cut round, oval or triangular lines are a popular alternative for cutting with. Below, you can choose the most common types of square-looking cut diamond rings.

Princess Cut

Princess cut, maybe the most popular diamond cut round brilliant cut post. Princess-cut stones has good brightness diamond princess cut square and rectangular shapes income and is a particularly good choice for the public.

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Cushion Cut

Cushion-cut is known as types of square-looking cut diamond rings can be a square or rectangular outline and give a pillow-like appearance is characterized by rounded edges and corners. There are a lot of changes, and others are less bright while exhibiting some of them, there’s a lot of sparkle.

Emerald Cut

Unlike the Princess, cushion or radiant cut, Emerald cut, this will maximize the brightness and sparkle of his aspects is not compatible in a way that means “. Not a brilliant cut “, and as a result, these diamonds have a softer look for example round diamond.

Asscher Cut

Asscher-cut comes in types of square-looking cut diamond rings, such as the classic round cut as lower brightness. Asscher yellow color tones and flaws in the stone the same sharpness and color tend to be brilliant-cut diamond that is why more visible in.

Radiant Cut

Radiant-cut Emerald cut that has a very similar shape: rectangular outlines both have cut corners, just like other sectors in this list, a radiant cut square or a length-width ratio. Unlike a pure radiant-cut Emerald cut step cut is not a mixed.

Baguette Cut

Baguette has a rectangular shape, and cut length-width ratio is close to one, can look more or less square. This is a typical step-cut and Emerald cut, baguette cut, like for example bright and glittering like diamonds round or princess. As a result, baguette stone defects and shades of color tend to be easily visible.

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