11 March 2016

Trillion-Cut Diamond Rings

Trillion-Cut Diamond Rings

Trillion-cut diamond rings are created for the first time in the Netherlands, (usually rounded edges) triangle-shaped stones. They may not be popular, such as colleagues, round cut but they are beautiful in their own way. Classic round if you think some deviation from standard diamond shapes, you should take a look at this part.

Compared to a standard the same carats of round cut, trillion cut stones generally will appear larger. This is because the cut, but also fit the diamond trillions of wide. Diamond size is important to you, so, you should consider a trillion cut. However, we will look at the extremely shallow, large diamonds, remember, but reflected light won’t be enough depth to make sparkle also may be less bright.

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Difficult Settings

Because of their shape, trillion cuts compared to other, more standard shapes are more difficult to put into the settings. This is as easy as cutting chips, stone setting; people need to be very careful during the installation. Because of the sharp edges, trillion-cut diamond rings are specifically designed for them to be put in protective settings.

More Attention for Prongs

A trillion-cut diamond gemstone if you buy a ring, due to the non-standard shape your stone special pointed tip. Diamond tips your trillion and will protect them from V-teeth, set is recommended. You can go with the standard teeth all the time, but will not fit as well as V-shaped teeth and may have a higher risk of chipped stone.

Necessity of Extra Cleaning

If you have a trillion cut diamonds, be sure to clean it regularly. This applies to all gems, but you need to clean it more often trillion-cut diamond rings. This is shallow cuttings, cornering and (like the round ones) compared to deeper cuts to reflect light less depth. As a result, their Sparkle will be dimmed a little easier or even dust. it loses your trillion cut diamonds, clarity, make sure its clean taste usually sparkle.

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