28 January 2016

Tips for Purchasing a Heart Shaped Diamond

Tips for Purchasing a Heart Shaped Diamond

Heart-shaped diamond symbolizes due to no love quite like the heart says the truth has gained popularity. A heart-shaped diamond there is many factors to keep in mind when buying. In this article, heart cut diamond, you need to seek the necessary cutting skill and color and clarity will focus on weight and shape.

Heart Cut Diamond Weight and Shape Properties

Heart-shaped diamond has a proportion that especially designed with 0.5 carats cut determination, which it is recommended to weigh. It’s hard to see the details of this slit and score is due to the fact that. Slot must be sharp and prominent, and round shape diamond blades must have light. The smaller heart shaped diamonds, a diamond shape frame or 3 dental setting unique showcases.


Ideally, the ratio of length to width should be 1 1-1.10 (10% more on the other side, not wider or longer). When viewed from above, determines how the stone because the width ratio length with this shape is extremely important. Simple settings highlight the unique qualities of a diamond in the shape of a heart, it’s best to. You can do the trick if you really made a special heart-shaped halo are set to get pop.

Diamond Cutting Skills

Heart-shaped designed diamond is one of the most difficult sectors to create and requires skilled diamond cutters. This is a heart-shaped diamond tip experienced with it is very important that you cut. Your heart must match on both ends of the round completely and slot must be sharp, well-defined pane. In addition, heart cut (with the Marquise, oval and PEAR cuts is true). Each heart shape looks a little different since before you purchase, you get a diamond image.

Color and Clarity

Facets to hide inclusions as good heart shaped diamond clarity you can go low. SI1 SI2 a heart-shaped stone (Slight included) you can definitely buy dollar stretch. In terms of color, colorless diamond (colored GI) can give you the most bangs for the buck.

Although beautiful, heart-shaped diamond specific gravity and extreme shape with diamond cutting skills. A heart shaped diamond color and clarity can save money on the options.

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