13 March 2016

Synthetic Diamond Rings

Synthetic Diamond Rings

Synthetic diamond rings are becoming more and more popular. But the synthetic or natural diamond stone? See how these two types of different stones and their origin could be identified.

How Synthetic Diamonds Are Made

Synthetic diamonds made within highly temperature and pressure conditions, carbon is created outside. Unlike the naturally extracted diamonds, synthetic, artificial laboratory conditions.

And lab-grown diamonds, synthetic diamond man-made diamond, diamond & cultured diamond created called.

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How do Different Natural Diamonds Synthetic Diamonds

Synthetic diamond in terms of chemical structure and physical properties is the same as natural diamonds.

Clarity and price: the consumer’s point of view, two fundamental differences between synthetic and natural diamonds.

Synthetic Diamond Clarity

Diamond is in the process of formation of internal defects, it is natural to have. Synthetic diamond is artificially created; these naturally occurring defects can be prevented in many production processes.

Most natural diamonds are more than average than synthetic diamond rings that’s why compared with clarity.

Synthetic Diamond Prices

Synthetic diamond natural stones are often cheaper. The difference, however, is not great.

Dig up a similar natural stone it is easier to create more synthetic diamond is true, but synthetic since the demand for them is still real diamonds can be dramatically reduced, prices are lower, such as lead.

How Synthetic Diamonds Detection?

Synthetic diamond rings are very hard to detect just looking. Even if you use a magnifying glass or microscope, won’t be able to find a visible difference.

As a result, synthetic, has the same chemical structure with natural diamond. Reliable to detect synthetic diamond, a very detailed level can analyze the structure of the stone you will need special tools.

The price of a diamond, but it is not a reliable indicator, or non-synthetic-probability only. Yet do not come with a rating report that another reason to prefer the certified diamond it’s better to rely on this stone certificate.

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