25 March 2016

Side Stones for Diamond Rings

Side Stones for Diamond Rings

The role of a diamond ring side stone is to enhance the beauty of the surrounding and. Here’s the best side for the ring stones have included some tips to help you choose.

When deciding on a ring design, the first thing you need to think about how many side stones you really want. Central diamonds and two side stones: one of the options people most commonly preferred 3-stone setting. Another popular design is 5-stone setting.

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When choosing side stones for diamond rings, consider how the resulting design will be balanced. Usually, the largest and most prominent and Central diamond side stones that serves the gold. Therefore, it should not be too big to compete with the central stone. Right next to the Center diamond side stones if only one pair, on the other hand, they, or should not be smaller than the overall design will look disproportionate.

When it comes to picking a color grade for the stones center stone is the same, this is the best.  Center stone if you have a lower color in side stones for diamond rings, these will look next to yellowish.

Side Stones and Settings

When selecting the side blocks, but also must consider how to set in the ring. Setting the well-preserved enough to be the hit of will determine side stones for diamond rings. This is important because, they will be cleared easily, what’s it going to be easy to fall into the stone setting how often must be repaired and how visible will be the diamond.

Fork sets are more reliable and easier than invisible channel settings. This comes at the expense of the less visible although the surface making the channel settings, on the other hand, provides better protection for your diamond. Among the safe frame settings, but they can also hide a portion of the stone.

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