08 March 2016

Red Diamond Rings

Red Diamond Rings

Red diamond is among the most sought after colored stones and they are not cheap. Now that this type of diamond quality, how to determine and stones should be careful when buying.

Red diamonds are rare and are the most expensive fancy colored diamonds. Available in red color of these stones diamond is a result of structural abnormalities and chemical impurities.

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Evaluation of Red Diamonds

Red diamond evaluated with color tone, his intensity and hue, purity and smoothness. Most often this is used to identify the color grades of stones (high density low color) are as follows: very light red light red light red, pale red, fantasy red, fancy intense red etc.color, clarity, carat, and stone cut: red diamond rings colorless diamonds are rated similar. Unlike the colorless diamond, red diamond color is evaluated according to mostly.

The intensity of the color maybe red diamond rings is the most important feature. In General, the more saturated the color red is more valuable than a rock like that. Red diamond means and how dark the color tone often comes down to personal preference, this property is of secondary importance.

Synthetic and Artificial Color Red Diamonds

Artificially created red diamond rings, synthetic stones or natural diamond has been treated to change the color: Natural red diamond is very rare and expensive; jewelry industry has come up with more affordable options.

Lab created diamonds and synthetic red are fake so are not considered natural diamond has the same chemical composition. Lab created diamond, natural red ones are cheap and good, affordable alternative. Another color natural diamond color changing radiation pressure is the treatment when the red diamond is created. When selecting a red diamond, whether synthetic or natural origin, stone went inside and what treatments, be sure to ask for a document that describes.

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