Pear Shaped Diamond Rings (16)

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Pear Shaped Diamond Rings (16)

Oval and pear-shaped diamonds have an interesting draft pointed side of the stone is one of the most sensitive parts and spikes if you hit hard easily chipped. A pear-shaped diamond you’re wearing, his pointy tip thoroughly with the setting, makes sure the public is protected.

In general, the most popular settings for pear-shaped diamond ring settings are prong setting and framework setting.

Prong Settings

The advantage of a diamond setting a fork environment spikes its most visible move to cover small. Make your own forks bent or frayed or breaking fork settings, but as if bumped. Typically, the fork settings have either four or six spikes; sometimes, you can see eight-prong setting at the same time. Stone as more support, in General, there’s a setting more forks, secure it.

Four teeth number of pear-shaped diamond ring settings set teeth and arrangement creates the impression of an imaginary rectangle tend to look more angular. have six or eight spikes diamond shape makes it look more oval. However, different set designs and is more attractive to you, you must decide for yourself.

Pear Diamonds Frame Settings

The framework sets the pear-shaped diamond ring settings are a popular choice for. It consists of a metal band that holds the stone and set to secure this type of teeth is more secure. The downside is that the frame setting hides the diamond side. However, part of the hit hidden and moved will be protected against impact. When wearing a diamond ring, the stone can be seen in the upper a frame environment easily, mostly.

When working with your hands a framework setting will offer additional security framework, is a good choice for a ring to wear. A prong setting, on the other hand, hit and damage could be put at risk of not wearing a ring during activities is recommended for.