07 March 2016

Oval Diamond Ring Settings

Oval Diamond Ring Settings

Oval diamond is very similar in appearance to the classic round diamond and oval diamonds, although it is not as popular as they were cheaper. Already have decided to buy an oval stone ring, which setting is to be mounted?

Oval Diamond Prong Settings

Oval Diamond Ring Settings (26)

The main reason for leaving these most visible stone set prongs to keep the oval diamond ring settings are popular choice. The problem with their exposure to accidentally hit the fork settings of the diamond in a significant portion of the surface is left.

4-Prong settings: the advantage of having only four subjects also appears to be more oval diamond is your will leave. However, the 4-pin settings exposed stone damage and bends or break one of the teeth to keep them stone left, there will be less.

6-prong Settings should be a little safer six spikes and teeth loose a twisted or whether the fall will make it less likely for the oval diamond ring settings. There are also additional spikes stone surface of the cover, but this 4-pin option compared with significant additional protection.

Oval Diamond Frame Settings

Bezel sets hold a stone surround with the metal band. If installation and protect the surface of the oval diamond may be reduced if you are looking to minimize the chance they’re safe is one of the solutions. a significant portion of the negative frame settings they hide the diamond. Only for additional security visibility can decide whether some compromise on values.

A full frame setting on all sides in oval diamond ring settings with a metal workshop on the stone completely surrounds. Their partial frame settings, as the name suggests, just covering it with a metal band. Typically, this type of setting is raised half that only two items, stone edge, leaving each a quarter of the covering.

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