02 March 2016

Old European Cut Diamond Rings

Old European Cut Diamond Rings

So, you’ve heard the term “old European cut”, but actually you have never seen it? What looks like this part, and how can you find out whether old European cut diamonds in your rings? In this article, and learn more about this part of the most important features is here to help you through.

Old European cut diamond rings are quite popular in the past, the twentieth century used as a diamond cut.in the 1920s, developed and modern around the round cut round diamond replaced the old European-cut as standard for. I mean, old European cut, it can be said that modern round cut direct ancestor.

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Old European Cut Diamond Properties

Raw diamond material lines to follow and in order to minimize waste of in old European cut diamond rings generally are taking shape. These stones are usually to maximize carat weight rather than shine.

Just as contemporary round cut shape, (looking from above) these stones outline is round. Contemporary round cut will have the same number of old European cut diamonds have 58 facets-unlike the older spikes under European diamond Culet. It’s their child instead of a flat facet of a sharp point means to an end. (This is called a bottom facet of what actually “Culet.”)

A distinctive feature of old European cut diamond rings in hand-cut. As a result, a closer look at this type of stone it is created by using more sophisticated tools of modern direction-not in the form of such cut diamond will reveal sensitive.

In general, it is not very old European diamond symmetric. For example, irregularly shaped facets can be, and is not compatible with each other. as already pointed out it is because, as it is today, old European cut stones used to shape cutting technology is also underdeveloped.

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