14 January 2015

Marquise Diamond Rings

Marquise Diamond Rings

Marquise diamond rings are certainly beautiful and unique shape rings that you can easily wear on different fingers. The best thing you will find about these ring is it makes your fingers looks perfectly shaped and slim. It has been notice that a lot of women looks at their finger on wedding day and they are really uncomfortable with the rings they have. For sure marquise diamond rings perfectly alleviates the awful feeling when you look at fingers of your hand on your special day. The marquise shape diamond ring will look bigger in size than its actual size hence the women can show the world their ring on the eve of wedding or engagement. Usually this kind of ring is available in oval shape. However round cut and other traditional cuts are also available in these rings.

When looking to buy marquise diamond rings it is important for you to find the ring with diamond ratio 2:1 L to W ratio. If it is not like this then it may not be the correct cut. However internet is best way to buy these rings as you can get fair bit of discount on rings due to tough competition on internet.


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