14 February 2015

Marquise Diamond Ring

Marquise Diamond Ring

Do you love the elegant and exceptional design of marquise diamond ring? What’s the history of this design? History patterns demonstrate that this design was evolved from France in the mid of eighteenth century. Since then, it has emerged to be one of the popular and favorite designs in the diamond industry. It has been over two centuries but it hasn’t lost its value and still people love this exceptional design. However, the initial design of marquise diamond ring introduced at that time as bit different from the recent one but the base theme hasn’t changed yet.
The marquise diamond ring was produced on the orders of King Louis XIV who wished to present an exceptional gift to her mistress and he asked the jewelers for an exceptional design for Marquise de Pompadour. This form of diamond is slim and stretched with trimmings that are sharp much similar to the lips. So, actually the design was produced on the basis of hot simile by then mistress Marquise de Pompadour.
Marquise diamond ring is one among the hot selling diamond rings as it is affordable as compared to oval cut or round diamond rings as well as it is one of the ring used for endorsement of love.


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