22 December 2015

Insight of the Varieties of Diamond Rings

Insight of the Varieties of Diamond Rings

Insight of the Varieties of Diamond Rings

Diamond rings are categorized popularly as engagement, anniversary, wedding, friendship, archetypal solitaires, cocktail and eternity rings. Each carries their significance, purpose and meaning. The engagement rings in diamond reveal the love of the duo and the affection with each other. These types of rings are gifted while proposing love or on the engagement day. Conversely, the heart shape designs or the lovers knot style are popular. Generally, the plain and broad rings in gold and platinum represent the wedding rings, but now the engagement rings designs have taken into wedding rings. Couples make marriage promises with these wedding rings in diamond.

Importance of Diamond rings

In a married contented life, the diamond rings have a great importance. Every married man wishes to gift his wife on a special juncture with a special gift. Now it is widely accepted that marriage is appropriate for an eternity jewel to be gifted and so it features diamonds in the same size and shape. The archetypal diamond designs can have four, six or eight prongs holding the diamonds. These can include tiny diamonds in complex design held together. Friendship rings look elegant and simple representing love feelings, but do not feature love knots or heart shapes.

Other Types

There are many other types of diamond rings and this includes an enormous ring with one diamond at the centre is referred to as a cluster, cocktail or a dinner ring. This is worn for special parties and events to grab attention. The other ring types include the heirloom rings, fashion, stacker and accent rings. The heirloom rings are the ones that is passed down to generations and is thus chosen with absolute care. Teens prefer the fashion rings that are distinctly shaped. In fact, fashion rings feature pets, unusual flowers and shapes. Stacker rings allow stacking of similar sizes and shapes, while the accent rings feature a diamond in the center with other gems in the sides accenting the diamond.


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