15 November 2015

Ideal Ways of Cleaning Diamond Rings

Ideal Ways of Cleaning Diamond Rings

Ideal Ways of Cleaning Diamond Rings

Diamond rings pick dirt and grime as they are on your finger for a few weeks or months. This makes it essential to clean to have its original sparkling and the procedure is not easy. You have to take some precautions. Cleaning can be done professionally or at home using an electric vibrating machine featuring high frequency. Placing the diamond ring in a cleaning fluid is enough, it shakes the ring clean within the solution, but this is not a recommended method for cleaning. There is a possibility that the diamond wiggles itself loose due to the machine vibration.

Ideal method to cleaning diamond rings

There is a risk factor in cleaning diamond rings, while the best method is the ‘soap sud’ method. The first step is to pouring boiling water in small amounts and to add liquid detergent a drop or two to the water. Take an old tooth brush and dip it into the solution. Ensure the brush reaches all the small openings in the ring and penetrates around the diamond. You may do this cleaning until you are convinced that the bristles reached all the orifices within and around the mount and also on the diamond. Rinse the diamond ring under the tap so that the remains of soap suds are removed and dry your ring with a tissue or a clean kitchen towel.

Value of Methylated spirit

Placing the ring in methylated spirit for 10 seconds, wiggling to create movement and drying it using a tissue or a towel are recommended. Methylated spirit is used on diamond rings as it revives the brilliance of the metal. The methylated spirit helps in giving the original shine by removing haze effects of the liquid detergent and thus ensures the diamond receives the extra sparkle. This causes no damage to the diamond or its mount.


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