24 March 2016

Ideal-Cut vs. Fine-Cut Diamond Rings

Ideal-Cut vs. Fine-Cut Diamond Rings

Ideal cut vs. fine cut diamond rings are especially have differences as a term often used when defining the diamond, but what is it?

There is a variety of ideal standards for diamond cutting and they all reflect and bend light, diamonds is based on research. Although the differences between ideal-cut vs. fine-cut diamond rings are these standards have variations are not dramatic.

İdeal Cut Diamond Rings (6)

Ideal Cut

Ideal cut diamond rings are usually an ideal standard who rates means that a diamond segment. This term is used in North America, is an ideal cutting usually refers to the American Standard diamond proportions. To be adopted, a stone cut diamonds diamond quality rates according to how closely the ideal cut is assigned a grade.

Fine Cut

The name “slaughter” is often used in Europe now finely cut criteria in 1939, Germany is a standard created in the so-called School of fine cut, is used to refer to. As it turns out they used different standards in different parts of the world. Also some of the color, clarity and appearance differences are mostly appear.

Ideal Cut vs Fine Cut

tThese two standards in ideal-cut vs. fine-cut diamond rings they recommended İdeal measurements are slightly different.

Crown Height

The American İdeal is a diamond shaped thin-cut diamond than the standard a tall Crown. (Crown round diamond at the top and the bottom edge of the stone or belt is separated from buy.)

Table Diameter

The diameter of the flat top and round diamond is desk generation is measured as a percentage of the diameter. There are other differences between ideal-cut vs. fine-cut diamond rings, but these are insignificant. As you can see, this is quite similar to two cuts and you the ideal shine-and will be able to spot the difference between fine-cut diamond is not possible.

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