21 July 2015

How Important are Diamond Ring Settings?

How Important are Diamond Ring Settings?

Setting is one of the very crucial elements that you have to consider to buy a diamond ring for your beloved. The sophistication, splendor, beauty and appeal of a diamond ring depend on its proper settings. The diamond ring settings are based on the gemstone, metals and different styles.

When your ladylove wears this ring, it should look elegantly perfect and beautiful in her finger. There are some popular settings of diamond rings that you should try before presenting it to your sweetheart.

Diamond Ring Guide and Setting

  • Classic Solitaire is the most popular setting style of a ring. To allow full exposure to the light, it sets the diamond in a raised up position. Contour Solitaire is another great style to set rings.
  • One of the second most popular diamond ring settings is cathedral setting. Between the bands of each side, the center diamond is being secured. This style is based on many types of diamond cuts i.e. Princess, Round, Asscher, Cushion and European. The use of platinum, palladium and white gold with 14k to 18k weights is preferred for a proper cathedral ring setting.
  • The third setting is called Channel Setting. It is a bit complicated setting that requires assistance from the experts. To secure the center diamond, you can have it crafted with the side shanks.

These days, you can learn and even create many other styles of diamond ring settings. In this way, you can make a diamond ring more presentable in front of your sweetheart.

There are numerous kinds of settings of a diamond ring. It definitely makes people confuse about what to select or what not to bring smile on their beloved’s face.

From the simple to the complex settings, you can choose any of them as per the limit of your budget. These settings are also being created in the jewelry stores.

However, you can also set a diamond ring with a simple style. The online tutorials are also very helpful to make you able for setting diamond rings in many easiest ways.

These settings also vary as per the occasion i.e. wedding, engagement or anniversary.

Diamond Ring Guide and Settings:

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