Enhanced Black Diamonds

What exactly are enhanced black diamonds, that have been developed, and these are what does this mean and how their development makes them different from other black diamonds?

Black diamond has the same chemical structure white ones, and therefore there are real diamonds. Naturally occurring as a result of their black diamond black color compared to the regular as well as diamond inclusions of these stones is different crystal structure.

Enhanced Black Diamond Rings (5)

People related to the term black diamonds when you use the “advanced”, usually a stone with artificial color. Is very rare, natural black diamonds, jewelry manufacturers have started to offer regular diamond black colors that have been introduced. In fact, the Black diamonds on the market today have been treated to change their color.

Enhanced black diamonds white or yellowish with heat or radiation treatment is created. Most of the time, high pressure is also used. This treatment usually appears dark green changes the color of the black stone. Some artificial black diamonds are created by the application of a coating on the surface. However, most of the time it’s like the dark layer come off after a period of time, or when non-durable stone is cleared, resulting in a color.

Natural Black vs Enhanced Black Diamonds

Both natural and artificial, black diamond has the same chemical and physical properties. Synthetic natural-stone are the main difference between these two types is simply in the way their color. Enhanced black diamonds treatment, although made of carbon, natural black diamonds tend to have a more porous structure. Because of this, they are also more fully absorbs the light and totally dark and opaque look.

Refined black diamond, on the other hand, depending on how dark their treatment made them shinier. There is some translucency and diamonds; it is obvious that can be completely opaque – improved stone under the light source when the difference becomes more visible. Also, in the light of the stone may be able to see the real color is dark green.