14 February 2015

Emerald Diamond Ring

Emerald Diamond Ring

Diamond is a stone. Its original form is so rough after it’s setting and designing it converts in different attractive shapes. Cutting and setting of diamond require much practice. Diamond cutting also requires knowledge, equipments, tools and various techniques. After setting diamond convert into many beautiful attractive designs like heart diamond, vintage diamond, emerald diamond etc. The Emerald diamond cutting is a step cut with angulated corners and rows of tent and crown sides that run parallel to the girdle. The normal emerald cut is in rectangular form. Emerald diamond ring is special ring with cutting of diamonds in different angles which gives many colour reflections in light. Mostly customer’s demands to have emerald diamond rings because of its aggressive and reflexive rectangular shape.

Emerald diamond ring is much expensive because of its rectangular cutting pattern in different angels and the quality of diamond. With their classic vogue and geometric form, emerald cut diamond rings are a good alternative for both bride and groom. They are available in a wide variety of designs and may be astonishingly reasonable. However, there are many diamond rings in different shapes but majority people attract toward emerald cut diamond rings due to its rectangular crystal form.


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