14 January 2015

Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

Have you ever seen an emerald cut diamond ring? Have you seen it in detail? If yes then you must be aware that there is step cutting on the diamond to display its facets. The steps are carved to create this amazing gem. Although, its brilliant to enjoy such nice and fine-tuned cuts of emerald cut diamond ring but you must appraise the brilliance of creating flat planes just like stair steps. These rings are also popular as step cut diamond rings. Each cube of an emerald cut diamond creates a rectangular shape with individual corners all around. Primarily, this emerald cut diamond ring was created for a classy look but it emerged to be one of the most popular designs.

However, the emerald cut diamond ring is expensive as compared to other diamond rings as it needs extra care and professionalism to carve the diamond in this shape. You can find fine-tuned emerald cut diamonds for your rings with your local jeweler or you can purchase some online. If you wish to explore online gallery then you should search for it on Google and you will be able to explore number of inspiring designs. Good luck!


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