04 February 2016

Diamond Rings Cleaning Tips

Diamond Rings Cleaning Tips

Diamonds are forever, but unfortunately, not a diamond belonging to clean. Many people I’ve neglected so that a proper diamond cleaning jewelry glitter gloss is compromised. But sparkle, this romantic attraction in the blink of an eye, why not buy in the first place received the diamond? Why is the true essence of sacrifice so many diamonds? It’s a hassle to clean them? That’s a lot of money cost?

This is not a matter of fact, This show or diamond cleaning can be done in three easy steps, we have the size of a candy bar will cost less. The following, follow these steps


  1. Analyze the Dirt Type

These come in a little bit over the top, but the size of the ring before cleaning diamond ring the first thing you need to do it is to look at what kind of dirt covering the buildup. Establishes a schedule of daily life to normal dirt? Or maybe you have some makeup? If so, you can clean your jewelry at home easily. In cases where there is dense and hard dirt of heavy chemical use can damage your ring. Instead, get help from a professional goldsmith and master cleaning services would be more convenient for you.

  1. This Homemade Solution – Let stand

The best way to clean a diamond ring is to start with a soak. Then a 15-minute soak in this Solution throughout the diamond, diamond cleaning solution with a mild dish soap to make warm or hot water. This dish soap gives your ring oil attack artillery regiment commander. It’s easy to make the process more soaking as step 3, so this is another very important step.

  1. Excellence Toothbrush Use

If soaked in cleaning diamond ring, solution and take a soft toothbrush, after gently scrub away the remaining dirt. Be careful not to be too rough with the brushing. Although it is almost impossible to destroy the diamond, they cracked and misused in parts of the visit in the metals can be drawn.

What Not to Do

While cleaning diamond ring, you never use chlorine bleach or acetone. Also, avoid just an ultrasonic cleaner jewelry! Use light – soft tools Inc. any harm my beloved ring to be gentle. As you can see, the difficulty of cleaning up your own you may have thought you a diamond. So we have a dirty clean diamond except for much larger than you might think, do not forget to keep sparkling clean diamond in the visit.

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