29 December 2014

Diamond Ring Settings

Diamond Ring Settings

Diamond setting is an art of securely setting of diamonds and gemstones in rings or jewelry. Diamonds rings setting are require different setting styles like solitaire, accent and three stones. It also requires the selection of diamonds that can be in different geometrical shapes. In diamond ring settings position of diamond also notice that which shape of diamond should be place in middle at what shape should be placed at the corner of the middle diamond. Precious metal is selected according to the customer’s requirements that can be white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, silver and platinum.

Design selection is also include in diamond ring setting such as classic, modern, nature, antique etc. which is changed day bay day as fashion . Diamond ring settings are very tough job it needs much practice and concentration. Small sized diamonds settings in rings are too difficult because of their tiny small size. Diamonds are not directly settled in rings with hands Different equipments and tools are used in diamond setting. It will not wrong if we say that all beauty of diamonds rings depend upon its setting and designs. Mostly couples impress the setting of diamond rings and select for their engagement or wedding.


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