29 January 2016

Cushion Cut vs. Princess Cut Diamond Rings

Cushion Cut vs. Princess Cut Diamond Rings

Cushion cut or princess cut diamond designs are fantasy shapes which is the best? Both parts sometimes can make it difficult to decide, which is popular with the locals.  Here, we give you to help you make an informed decision than this you will discover the beautiful stone shapes. A cushion cut or princess cut diamond ring shopping or comparing several different shapes when you get to explore their options.

Princess Cut Diamond Ring (14)

Pillow Cutting Basics

Sometimes called cushion cut diamonds, cushion-cut stone to increase its brightness and sharpness have great aspects to emphasize. When selecting princess cut or cushion cut diamond rings, one of the first things you will notice when comparing cushion cut stones is gently rounded corners. These stones are available in a variety of shapes, but they are usually rectangular frame. Long rectangular pillow-shaped diamond is very elegant, almost has the appearance of an oval. If you prefer a square cushion cut, 1 has a length width ration between 1.05 and a stone. If you prefer a long rectangular pillow cut diamond look, 1.15 1.30 with the width of the length between the rations with stones.

Princess Cut Basics

Princess cut diamond rings are to a modern favorite; In fact, the traditional round brilliant cut nearly as popular. This diamond shape the corners pointed and often symmetrical, square profile. Depending on the length of the diamond as this profile width ratio vary slightly; 1.0 is a perfect square, it has a little rectangle shape 1.2 princess cut diamond.

Sparkle & Style

When comparing the cushion cut diamond rings with princess cut diamond, two shapes you’ll notice offer a completely different sparkle. Cushion cut some people water or crushed ice gleaming compare has a softer glow. There’s a brilliant sparkle Princess typical segment. Of course, you look at each diamonds its brilliance and fire, it is important to remember is going to have. So in terms of color and clarity depends on the quality of the stone.

Cushion cut diamond solitaire settings, or both the Emerald and halo you look great in the settings. If you are looking for, you can ring three stone Emerald cut is the best you can find. The stones are beautiful, perfectly straight edges create a symmetrical appearance. At the same time, with a pillow might have an interesting vintage appearance, three stone ring Centre and trillion or round side stones and diamonds.

If princess cut engagement rings vs cushion cut by comparing or for other types of diamond jewelry shopping, you look at several examples before final decision. Two styles that appeal to different tastes and seems to fit a variety of sets, we offer distinctly different.

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