17 August 2015

Channel Settings for Engagement Rings

Channel Settings for Engagement Rings

What are the properties of channel engagement rings? What are the advantages and disadvantages of channel settings on engagement rings? What are the alternatives of buying channel settings? What are the models of channel setting engagement ring design variations? In this article, we will try to detail about the topic of Channel setting engagement rings.

Channel settings are the most common engagement ring designs, but they also are one of the most beautiful. A central stone used as an accent or a flat belt to add sparkle to it, these simple sets many engagement and wedding rings are a popular feature on the.

Channel Settings for Engagement Rings 1

A channel-set diamond engagement ring is been of a line around the edits. Jewelers by adding a small metal lip on each side of the loop creates a channel in the band. Diamonds or other gems on this channel are enacting and lip keeps the stones in a safe place.

Channel settings advantages

Consider a channel if the advantages of engagement ring setting, there is a few reasons why you may want to:

  • This setting stones allows you to take center stage. To move each individual around forks are; instead of metal lips with extra metal the stones keep safe from deviate from them. The stones are set into the ring completely
  • Protected because their fragile arches chips. This is generally more durable, more exposure to high designs makes the setting. If you have any dress or ring more elevated stone can cause damage projections is less likely to snag.
  • The stones channel for less exposure to light enclosed rooms. This is the beauty of the ring without compromising clarity provides consensus. Many minor flaws are hidden in this kind of setting.

Channel Settings Disadvantages

At the same time, channels such as recesses in the settings for these couples who design need to be aware of a few potential drawbacks:

  • Channel settings rings, may be more difficult to clean than other designs. They are still vigorous activity during or harsh chemicals when you work with should be removed. These settings can help small flaws in the dark
  • Inlay design, giving him a slight yellow tint to the color of the stones may break. Many jewelers offer a wide selection of stunning yellow gold designs, although for this reason, many couples choose white gold or Platinum for the channel settings.
  • Setting stones because it maintains a portion of the light from hitting the channel-set ring is laying there may be less of an alternative setting, such as sparkle.

Channel-Set Engagement Rings Design Variations

There’s an engagement ring to use a channel setting to add beauty, there are many different ways and this is before you decide on your design, it is important to understand the options.

Channel Lengths

The length of this channel is accomplished may change the appearance of a ring. The length of a channel depends on the number of stones used. This type of two or three fewer such as precious stones, five to seven stones work highlights, is popular.

If you say in-Line

Design, this type of channel, in line with the Central stone gems in band takes place during. The big focus at this Center gem stones with a continuous line creates.

Parallel or Bypass accent

Another option, which creates the illusion of a wave, the Center stone is the use of curved along the side of the channel. This set off the beauty of the gem and the General focus setting is a great way to add sparkle.

Surrounding highlights

This design is completely encircle the center stone offering a halo effect for the use of two or more channels. In this way, channel settings using visual center enables to improve the size of the gem. This is a common style bridal set.

Embellished chat rooms

Chat rooms can seem ordinary, but parallel or perpendicular to the channel or detailed etching can add texture and style to the public or sculpted accents. This engagement provides a nice way to bring extra personality wearing.

Various Stone Types

In addition to basic styles, in different shapes of channel couples can choose from stone. Although a common option is the classic round diamond Princess and Emerald cut, too. Their square edges there are gaps between the stones, because it shapes, contemporary and guarantee can be beautiful, gives the appearance of a constant. The distinction than the stone shapes in more detail designs may be an alternative.

Channel Strips

Channel settings a high Center stone is popular for wedding and anniversary bands without styles. Eternity ring, diamonds or other stones creating a never-ending loop blocks are totally encompassing channel-set ring bands. Also simple engagement band to bring additional sparkle channels including wedding dresses, wraps, you can use.

Most Jewelers either bands or emphasizing a more detailed setting, the available channels have a wide range of rings you can buy this online designs.

Robbins Brothers

Engagement rings retailer Robbins Brothers modern design section of the channel settings have a large selection of channels that bypass ring on the shaft here, tapered side channels are contemporary in a variety of settings and you will find a number of other attractive designs. White Gold, yellow gold or Platinum and diamonds or precious stones we have chosen to focus you can choose. 12 channel-set diamond setting a simple 14 k white gold ring prices starts at roughly $ 900.

Solomon Brothers Fine Jewelry

If you are interested in some details the old charm, Solomon Brothers Fine Jewelry you will find some nice channel set designs. Here, the Center stone, ring shank improve channel settings and classical channel-style precision filigree and endogojen designs, you will see the channel-set halos around. The statement detailed, sparkling rings for laying accent mixed with the channel settings there are. About 800 $ for a Center stone without initializing the 14 k White Gold by a narrow channel set band prices.


Ritani, an online engagement and wedding jewelry, channel-set offers a vast array of rings. You wedding bands, engagement rings and wedding sets, you can find a large selection. This is a matching set of diamond channels is a great place to find and if you are looking for this type of ring you definitely should check here. Their engagement ring prices only to setting and central diamond not included. 14 k White Gold Diamond chips 0.14 carats setting with a simple channel set engagement rings start at $ 1,300.

Emma Parker & Co

If classical channel-set ring if you are looking for something a little different, Emma Parker & Co. is a great resource. This jewelry is gorgeous halo styles; antique-style ring, contemporary engraving bypass rings, and more including unique channel settings, there are a variety of. Although the main focus and engagement rings, bridal sets, you can find a few. 14 k White Gold without a central gem of 0.55 carats diamond halo engagement ring sold for just under $ 1800 price setting. Tips for the purchase channel settings.

When you buy a channel set ring, make sure to keep the following tips in mind:

  • remove the metal the stones check out her lips. They are enough to keep the stones in place, must be smooth and free from defects but not so wide as to hide unnecessary blocks.
  • The stones should be flush to one another, but will be based on. They should not be pressured. The stones should not be loose.
  • Channel stones to prevent the loss, including under, should be solid and secure.
  • like any major purchase before you complete the purchase, and the return of the quality of the jeweler, the replacement and repair, be sure to investigate their policies.

Channel settings long has been a staple for design engagement rings, but today’s channel-set ring, many couples is much more complicated than first estimated and elegant. Stone shapes, rings variations and other design elements, with many options for almost every style preference is a channel-set ring is suitable for.


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