12 March 2016

Champagne Diamond Rings

Champagne Diamond Rings

Champagne diamond rings have a cognac color diamonds are used to refer to. As more designers will be able to integrate this unusual diamond jewelry grew and celebrities are seen wearing them interest.

Most consumers are familiar with transparent white diamonds diamond to a higher classification is the lack of any trace of color results. Fancy colored diamonds are a bit different than for traditional white diamonds are treated in a way that attracts attention. Through these champagne diamond rings became very popular.

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The diamonds actually can occur in almost any color, but yellow and brown is by far the most common. While the diamond trade, yellowish or brownish stones with sound once were considered the color in a low range. Indeed, at one time was used for industrial applications, mainly brown diamonds s champagne diamond rings.

Brown diamonds are only about 35 million carats of diamonds a year, produces about one third of the total world production of 1986 The Argyle mine in Australia after the development of Argyle Diamond mines in seriously began to be marketed. However, about 80% of the diamonds from the Argyle mine Brown. So the industry is only a small brown diamond with a huge demand is faced with the problem of supply.

Jewelry sector has adopted two strategies for brown diamond marketing. a lower price because they supply big, white diamond was presented around 30% less often.  Make it more attractive industry to consumer’s product new introduced color names. Instead of the term brown diamonds with boring said the term champagne diamond rings product is to make it more attractive.

At the same time, it is worth noting that champagne diamond rings completely untreated. Champagne diamond Brown and Golden tones irradiation or high pressure/high temperature treatment in contrast to more live produced by diamond colors, completely produced with nature.

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