06 January 2016

Blue Diamonds

Blue Diamonds

White diamonds are only to find rare and expensive jewelry. It’s hard even to find natural blue diamonds and colored stones in the market today are among the most expensive. Blue diamonds are often are identified with the color and the Blue diamond jewelry if you color your choice among others, clarity; you need to know some facts about them.

Diamonds with Blue

Natural blue diamonds are consequence of the chemical element boron marks and color stone is one of the most important determinants for this type. Also, can occur as secondary shades which Blue Diamond primary tones, green and gray, blue. If you have all the most precious color diamonds secondary shades or no shades of blue color not detract. These stones are the blue saturation or intensity is a strong determinant of the value of the diamond. Pale blue or pale, the diamond will be less valuable, of course; a more vivid and deep blue ones.

Blue diamonds ‘ clarity is classified in the same way as the white diamond. Diamond if there is less internal imperfections and external flaws, has a higher degree of clarity. Blue diamonds color hides a certain extent their flaws; as for the white ones, therefore it does not matter for this clarity diamonds. If you are a blue diamond, it is basically the best way to go about it when evaluating the open can be seen with the naked eye no stones are by looking for flaws.

Natural blue diamonds, hence the larger blue diamond this will be more expensive per carat at larger sizes are rare to find. When it comes to cutting diamonds, blue diamonds are cut to obtain the best possible color. This diamond is cut to maximize the brightness contrast with white diamonds. Jewelry stores are located in many of these artificial heating or high pressure treatment using color rare. Sometimes synthetic colored diamonds are sold. The difference, of course, natural blue diamonds will be quite expensive as diamond prices.

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