18 January 2016

Black Diamonds Vs White Diamonds

Black Diamonds Vs White Diamonds

When most people think of what diamond comes in white, bright and sparkling stones. Just thought it was a diamond white, yet nothing could be further from the truth. Natural blue and black diamonds, but they are rare. You don’t find many natural Black diamonds on the market found most of the color was changed to artificial black with colored diamonds.

Black and White Diamond Rings

Black and white diamond color crystal structures see their only difference is why it has the same chemical composition of differences between them. Black color absorbs most of the light stone due to its unique structure. Due to the low reflection, diamond black looks. Black diamond vs white diamonds is not low quality compared to diamond. Due to their difference in appearance but are used to white diamond Black Diamond rating does not apply to.

Most of the black diamond has been enhanced in the process of white diamonds heavy transport is included. Natural black diamond, however, is quite expensive, such as rare and white diamonds. Black Diamond shimmer, but not bright and white diamond sparkles. Black Diamond is opaque and they absorb light rather than reflect it. Also, unlike the white diamonds, black diamond clarity, cut, or to note the rates are not evaluated. Where to buy usually A dull and often with an uneven color stains and AAA good color black diamond coating to A, AA and AAA use the scale.

Black diamond ring or piece of jewelry to buy when you think about it, would not be as bright and shiny jewelry white diamonds must keep in mind. Natural black diamonds vs white diamonds are rare and expensive, although still usually cheaper compared to the white diamond. The cheapest is the artificial ones colored black diamond. Black Diamond is natural or artificial color will tell you whether the diamond sales price.

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