29 December 2014

Black Diamond Rings

Black Diamond Rings

Peter Singer was so right to state. ‘Diamonds have an image of purity and light. They are given as a pledge of love and worn as symbol of commitment.’ Indeed, everybody is amazed with the beauty of diamonds and that they are pretty expensive as well.
When it comes to black diamonds, then it has been seen that in recent years many celebrities preferred wearing them either in the form of necklaces or long chains respectively. It happens that sometimes the designers mix the black diamonds with other fancy colored diamonds to give extra beauty and brilliance to them.
If we talk about black diamond, then we see it is not pure and does not have an intense color too. Usually, it is tinged with another shade like dark gray or light gray to make it more prominent respectively. If you are eager to buy a black diamond ring, then there is a huge collection of black diamond rings to choose from.

Two of the notable and popular black diamond ringsare given below.

1. Bony Levy Black Diamond Ring

This ring is in fact a black-ion painted stainless steel ring which comprises of Pave set diamonds. It is one inches in width and is perfect for to be worn on middle or index finger.

2. Black Diamond Eternity Ring:

This ring is composed of one carat of prong set black diamonds along with 18 K yellow gold. It is elegant and made in Italy. It comes with the company’s signature gift box having a description that mentions white gold. If this sort of a ring is your choice, then call the company to deliver you the yellow gold setting respectively.


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