Best Faux Diamond Rings (25)

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Best Faux Diamond Rings (25)

Fake diamonds looks like diamond but in fact made of a different material. Fake diamond rings or simulated diamond rings, whose chemical composition is the same as real diamonds, artificial or constructed should not confuse fake diamond with diamonds.

A good fake diamond is in terms of physical properties and appearance as close as possible to the real thing. Real diamonds are best imitations nearly as difficult and at the same time reasonably clear and colorless.

Best faux diamond rings are as Moissanite, white sapphires and cubic zirconia.

Best Faux Diamond Rings (21)


There is one of the best fake diamonds Moissanite. This silicon carbide was made and it is difficult almost like real diamonds. Moissanite is also fairly discolored and looks much like the real thing. Moissanite in nature very rare and therefore, this created a lot of made of rhinestone laboratory.

Cubic Zirconia

To make fake diamond rings, cubic zirconia is one of the most commonly used. In best faux diamond rings popularity is because there is only a fraction of what real diamond value price. This material is synthetic and zirconium dioxide occurs. This is considered relatively hard, Moissanite and Diamond White Sapphire hard instead. Compared with them, cubic zirconia is softer easier inscribe tend to accumulate on the surface and numerous scratches;

White Sapphire

White sapphire rhinestone is another great material for use as. This view as a real diamond is or is not a real diamond. This view as a real diamond is or is not a real diamond although high degree of Hardness is higher than this and similar cubic zirconia. In addition to durability, color white sapphire’s relative lack of this stone makes a good fake diamonds.

Synthetic Diamonds vs Fake Diamonds

It should be noted the same as synthetic diamond are in listed as best faux diamond rings. Unlike the fake diamond rings, synthetic ones are like real diamonds.