10 February 2016

Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Asscher cut diamond engagement rings are a classic cut, but Hollywood celebrities such as Angelina Jolie have chosen for their engagement ring is coming back into fashion as it is.

Asscher-cut diamond shape Joseph Asscher developed in 1902 by a chap named and square off the corners, basically Emerald cut a square version and the two sides ‘ output ‘.In fact, sometimes referred to as a ‘ square Emerald ‘. Because of its symmetrical shape and stone square off at the top and bottom corners, an ‘ X ‘ can be seen in the upper table, usually diamonds.

Asscher Cut Diamond Engagement Rings (20)

More original Asscher cut has been invented more than a century; Asscher family still is an important jeweler in Netherlands. in 2001, Joseph Asscher great, great-grandchildren, Edward and Joop Asscher 100 years since the invention of the original cut to celebrate the ‘ Royal Asscher cut has developed a revised version called. Royal Asscher cut diamond engagement rings gets the information acquired and how it affects the light brighter sparkle permission added more original design aspects. However, most of the standard will be the standard cut Asscher cut.

The Original Asscher Cut

Asscher cut are usually square. It’s going to be a perfect square Asscher 1.00 length-width ratio was cut, but with a 1.06 or below compared to the uneducated eye square will appear Asscher. The original Asscher cut diamond engagement rings art deco period begins, and when the design in line with the ideals, is a geometric shape, straight lines and interesting features such as enhanced. For this reason, retro art deco-style ring makes a great base for stone.

Royal Asscher Cut

New and improved the Royal Asscher standard Asscher cut gives more brilliance and fire of a higher crown and smaller table with, used an updated understanding of how diamonds are affected by light.

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