24 January 2016

Antique Diamond Rings

Antique Diamond Rings

If sitting on the dresser jewelry box around some antique diamond rings? Not sure what to do with them? Why would I want to wear them and it’s not something more modern remodeled?  You just make more beautiful, wearable piece of Grandma’s diamond ring will be remodeling, you may be surprised, but so can increase its value. The four most common types of ancient cut diamond called as antique diamonds are listed old European cut diamond, Diamond Mines, rose cut diamond and single cut diamonds.

Antique Diamond Rings

Old European Cut Diamonds

Old European cut diamond is considered to be one of the most popular, traditional. This is a very small at the bottom of the table top (facet), high Crown and usually on the Culet (central circular window are visible in the middle of the diamond). This was the precursor to the modern round brilliant cut diamond cutting. Unlike most of the old European modern round brilliant diamonds, circular shape is somewhat irregular. At the same time have a few inclusions of these stones are quite common. This modern round brilliant cut diamond, you’re looking at some who wonder, though, that I believe there are some just adds character.

Every old cut diamond is unique with the perspective of antique engagement ring designs.. One way diamond recut in deciding whether or not the right option for you, is to have a diamond cutting should be evaluated by an expert.

Antique Diamond Ring Tips

If you’re looking to breathe new life and antique diamond ring, here are a few tips;

  1. Set framework setting diamonds. Because of their irregular cutting and belt (external environment), sometimes a frame environment, this might be a good idea to hide the flaws. This will make you appear more round diamonds and on a large scale.
  2. White Gold Diamond set that most color range as white gold, antique diamond rings at the same time is a great place to enhance the color of the stone.

Recutting Diamonds for Designs from Antique Diamond Rings

They leave some antique diamond rings in its current form is generally better. Old European cut diamond represents the external shape and internal with modern bright cut diamond, diamond, often taking them could lose up to 25% of its own weight recut. Diamonds may become shiny from recut while the original diamond cut diamond unless it is fairly large Culet or large if you have high crown, usually is not recommended.


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