14 January 2015

1ct Diamond Ring

1ct Diamond Ring

Are you planning to buy a 1ct diamond ring? So, you are half way done and you need simple little help to make your deal complete. Yes, you are half way done as you have decided about the size—the carats and the design. However, you need to know the factors for claiming the best deal for 1ct diamond ring. Your diamond ring purchase will be dependent on the factors like clarity, cut and color.

The diamond is the gemstone extracted from the ore of earth and not every stone is as clear as the top notch stone. So, you need to notice the flaws and imperfections of the stone for deciding the par value of it. You may not be able to spot out flaws with naked eyes but you will need jewelers magnifying loupe for testing it.

Another option for determining the quality of 1ct diamond ring is cut. You need to check the width, depth and facets of the stone. Cut creates brilliance as well as it endorses the durability of diamond. So, special care should be provided to cut testing. Color is another important factor to speak about quality of diamond. You can get different colors but check for depth of color.


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